phaneesh murthy business professional palo alto caPhaneesh Murthy is a business leader with 25 years of experience structuring and managing large outsourcing deals for Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Mr. Murthy has been consulting for Primentor, Inc., a strategy consulting firm that he founded in 2013. As a consultant, Phaneesh offers his expertise with restructuring, business strategy, and optimizing IT spending. Phaneesh currently serves on the Advisory Board for private equity fund, Partners Group. Since early 2014, Phaneesh has also been an Operating Partner at New State Capital Partners LLC. Mr. Murthy’s focus at New State Capital Partners is business services, technology, and BPO-related opportunities.

Prior to New State Capital Partners, Phaneesh served as CEO and President of iGate Corporation, a global leader in providing integrated technology and operations-based solutions. Phaneesh Murthy’s previous roles also include Managing Director, Worldwide Head of Sales and Marketing, Head of Communications and Product Solutions, as well as Consultant work for various businesses. Phaneesh Murthy has substantial expertise in developing and managing the growth of an organization. His industry experience spans more than 2 decades, and is quite evident by his accomplishments and business acumen.

Phaneesh Murthy was born in Bangalore, Karnataka in India. Also known as Bengaluru, Bangalore is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in India. Phaneesh received an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad as well as a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai. From 1987 to 1992 Phaneesh worked in Sales and Marketing for Sonata Software Ltd. From 1995 to 2002 Phaneesh served as Worldwide Head of Sales and Marketing, Communications, and the Product Solutions Group of Infosys Ltd. As the Global Sales Head of Infosys Ltd, Phaneesh is widely credited for taking the organization from just $2 million in revenues to $700 million in under 10 years. In January 2003, Murthy founded and was a Consultant for Quintant Services Limited, a Business Services Provisioning company with a global services delivery model. Phaneesh Murthy joined iGATE as its CEO in 2003 and was its CEO until 2013 where he restructured a loss making company to a highly profitable company and took revenues up from close to nothing to about $1.2 billion, putting Igate on the map of global outsourcers.

Phaneesh Murthy has participated in several charity events including golf tournaments at TPC Sawgrass, in which $100,000 of proceeds went toward charities. Alongside teammate Chip Perry, Phaneesh has won the top prize of $20,000 and donated his $10,000 to the Tiger Preservation.